How does the HCG Diet Plan work?

The hcg diet plan is one option for shedding a number of pounds rather quickly. The basic number of pounds lost while on the diet plan is 2 pounds per day. The average individual who starts the hcg diet will notice that they shed 2 pounds while on the diet plan per day. There is quite a bit of prepping that one should do when on the diet. You should prepare yourself mentally as well as physically when deciding to go on this diet plan.


When you start to get ready to start the diet, you should walk through your home and look for any of the items that are not allowed to be had during the diet. You should look for any candy items that may be put out in the open for guests who come into the home and instead put them out of sight so that you do not sit and stare at them while watching television each night. Any items in the home that you have so that the kids have snacks should be put away in the children’s rooms so that they are not wanted as well.

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the next 40 days of the diet plan. You should know that it may be hard for the first couple of days to get used to the lack of some foods and if you have plans to go out to dinner with friends and family, know what items you will be able to have before entering into the restaurant. There are a number of foods that are not allowed to be eaten while on the diet and therefore some research is needed.

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that when you opt to go on the hcg diet, that you talk to your doctor about the diet plan. You should make sure that the diet is able to be gone onto. There are some health conditions that would prohibit this diet plan and therefore you need to make sure that you are able to start the diet without having any medical problems arise.

Once you have spoken to the doctor and are cleared, you then need to decide which one of the hcg diet choices you want to participate in whether it is the use of hcg injections, hcg drops or the hcg diet pills. Any of these options are good for helping you to lose weight and shedding those pounds while on the hcg diet.