Pokemon Go News and Future Updates

Niantic and Nintendo’s Pokemon Go is a major success. Although it is still only released in selected regions, a lot of people from those regions have downloaded and played the game. In fact, some people already made use of the microtransactions present in the game.

Today, I will talk about some news and future updates regarding this highly successful mobile phone game.

First up, Pokemon Go’s servers were unable to keep up and so, this prompted Niantic to “pause” their worldwide release of the game. This means that people not from America, New Zealand, and Australia will not be able to play the game. With the hoverboard skate electric scooter, you can move around with ease.

According to Niantic, they never anticipated that the game will actually be this successful. I mean, there are a lot of fans of the Pokemon series but the massive influx in just the first week of the game was not foreseen before its launch.

Do not worry, though, as the game developers are going to be looking into the issue and they are going to expand their servers to accommodate more players, especially, since the game will have a worldwide release sometime soon.

In another news, Nintendo’s shares soared up to 20 percent since the game’s release. According to CNBC international, the now entertainment company has enjoyed a rise in their shares since Pokemon Go’s release just a week ago.

Furthermore, Nintendo hopes that Pokemon Go’s success will further reach new heights and the company hopes that the developers of the game will do their best to continually entice gamers from around the world.

Speaking of new things, Niantic is looking to release the Pokemon trading feature in future updates of the game.

According to Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, he said that Pokemon trading is actually a “core component” of the franchise.

I agree with him. When I was still in my primary school days, me and my buddies would always buy one of those Pokemon trading cards and we would always fight with each other using the Pokemon that we have.

The thing I love about the trading card game is, well, the trading part. You see, people are going to be a little bit bored with some of their Pokemon over time. And, to be able to trade with other Pokemon masters is a treat as you will not only have a new place for your old Pokemon but you will also have a new Pokemon in your team as well.

Unfortunately, John Hanke didn’t disclose any details regarding the trading part of the game. He just said that this feature will be released in future updates.

Well, we should cut him some slack considering that this game is still fairly fresh and that the game is still not released worldwide.

I guess they have to do something about their servers first and then they can start focusing their efforts to improve the game even more.

Pokemon Go is a massive success and if you live in the North America, Australia, and New Zealand, then go to the Google Play Store or iOS store and download yourself the new Pokemon Go game.