Spyro Year of the Dragon Game for the Playstation One Game Console

The Playstation one is home to a lot of kid-friendly games. Spyro the dragon is one of the best games for young and adult gamers alike.

There are many Spyro games for the said game console and that just speaks how the game console is loved by many.

In this article, I will talk about Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This is the third installment of the franchise and Spyro will not be alone in his journey.

The game begins when Spyro and his gang celebrated the “Year of the Dragon”. The year of the dragon only happens once every 12 years and it is to celebrate the coming of new dragon eggs.

The celebration was cut short, though, because a rabbit girl called “Bianca” invaded the dragon land along with her minions called the “Rhynocs”. The Rhynocs stole all of the dragon eggs to bring to their master, the Sorceress.

The sorceress plans to release the eggs in different realms, probably to make them do her evil bidding.

Because of this, Spyro and his friends are assigned to retrieve all of the dragon eggs. The eggs are found in four different realms: Midnight Mountain, Sunrise Spring, Evening Lake, and the Midday Gardens.

During the course of his rescue mission to retrieve the eggs, he comes across a realm where he saw some of his dragon kin that was already turned into stone, alone and forgotten.

He was then confronted by Sheila the Kangaroo. She told Spyro that the realm was once lively and dragons roamed free. The dragons provided the power to sustain the beauty of the realm.

Unfortunately, the dragons’ powers were taken away by the Sorceress. With a renewed vigor to stop the Sorceress, Spyro went ahead to and Shiela went with him as well.

Spyro travels into the four realms and in each realm, Spyro asks the aid of the inhabitants to help him stop the Sorceress and his army of Rhynocs.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is a game for the Playstation One game console. You will control Spyro and his gang and it will be in the third-person perspective.

The main premise of the game is that Spyro will go around different worlds and realms and retrieve the stolen dragon eggs. The eggs are either hidden in one realm or rewarded to you by doing some objectives.

The worlds and realms of the game are interconnected via hubs. All you need to do is traverse in between the hubs to go to another realm.

But, before you have the option to go to a hub, you must do certain things first. This may range from a few objectives to killing a boss of a realm or world.

Aside from Spyro, players can use different characters such as Sparx, his trusty sidekick; Shiela the kangaroo, Hunter the Cheetah, Sergeant Byrd the penguin, and Bentley the Yeti. Other characters need to be unlocked using gems.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon game for the Playstation One Game console is very fun to play and is one of the best games for the PSX game console of all time.